Sunday, 16 April 2017

Work Submission Format

Please label your English work (that is submitted into as 

Example: 04_Tew_Yu_Xin_S105_CPID_Essay

If work is done by two or more people, please label the register numbers in front in numerical order and do the same for the name.
Example: 04_Tew_Yu_Xin_20_Sean_Tang_Shao_An_S105_CPID_Essay

(For registers 1 to 9, please put a 0 in front.)

All documents should be submitted in google document format when possible.

Please change to this format for all documents, including previous documents that are already submitted unless specific instructions have been given.

Thank You! :3

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Visual Text Analysis

(a40) Poster #31- Drink and Drive Prevention Poster 
Image Description: In this picture, there is a cuff to tell the readers that if you drink and drive at the same time, you will wear a cuff. At the bottom of the picture, it shows you what you would wear if you drink and drive.

5 Elements
Linguistic Features: 'What to wear to drink and drive' emphasises that drinking while driving has 3 outcomes. The first outcome is not getting caught. The second outcome is fatal accidents. And the third outcome is the most common among all of them, getting caught and sent to jail.

Textual Features: There are few words but in a large font to catch a passerby's attention. The lack of words and large fonts usually attracts a person to read it

Layout: The words and image are positioned nicely. The image covers two-third of the poster to show the readers the outcome of drinking and driving.

Colour: The background of the poster is a blurred black and white colouration. Most likely a blurred image of a police car to show that the person is getting arrested for drink driving. 

Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to encourage people to not drink drive.
Audience: Everyone worldwide who drives.
Context: To stop people from drinking drive, to avoid accidents involving innocents people.
Culture: A lot of people drink drive. And this has to stop.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Visual Text Analysis by Sean Tang 20 S105

Visual Text Analysis

This poster is about avoiding to loan money from loan sharks. There are a hand and words that say "Don't let Ah Longs(Loan Sharks) control you." and its Chinese translation.

Linguistic Features:
 "Don't let Ah Longs(Loan Sharks) control you" is emphasised to make the point of the poster more obvious. The poster shows that the hand is controlling you like a wooden puppet, and it matches the text and there is more emphasis on the text.

Textual Features: There is only one sentence so it makes the text looks simple. The lack of text also makes the point clearer and understandable.

Layout: The images are well arranged such that the hand is big and it looks like it is controlling the small house unit below it.

Colour: The background is black and the words are white in colour so there is a contrast and it makes the text more obvious. The hand is also clearer to see and it shows that the Loan Sharks are controlling you from the dark and you would not know if they are controlling you.


Purpose: The purpose is to encourage people not to loan money from the Loan Sharks.
Audience: People living in Singapore.
Context: To encourage people not to get involved with the Loan Sharks and the poster illustrates how they are using you for their benefits.
Culture: There are more people borrowing from the Loan Sharks and more people are getting hurt by them.


Avoid borrowing from Loan Sharks.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Commonly misspelled words

1)      athlete
2)      athletics
3)      aggressive
4)      authorize
5)      accumulate
6)      ascend
7)      amateur
8)      ageing
9)      acquaintance
10)  conscience
11)  convenient
12)  conscious
13)  unconscious
14)  cigarette
15)  diarrhoea
16)  dissatisfied
17)  disastrous
18)  dining
19)  desperate
20)  dilemma
21)  excitement
22)  embarrass
23)  especially
24)  environment
25)  exaggerate
26)  exhilarate
27)  enclosure
28)  familiar
29)  foreigner
30)  government
31)  horrified
32)  interview
33)  inevitable
34)  irresistible
35)  maintenance
36)  manoeuvre
37)  noticeable
38)  nausea
39)  opponents
40)  occasion
41)  occurrence
42)  panicked
43)  perseverance
44)  pronunciation
45)  pastime
46)  paralyze
47)  possession
48)  profession
49)  perspiration
50)  receive
51)  schedule
52)  separate
53)  sympathise
54)  sincerely
55)  scene
56)  sufficient
57)  severely
58)  unanimous
59)  victorious
60)  villain
61)  whether
62)  wrinkly

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

LA poster

Description: There are two pencils, tips touching each other, forming the shape of a heart. The poster also includes the words ‘thanks a billion’ in it, being the main phrase as it is being bolded.

Linguistic features: The words that stand out from all the other words are ‘thanks a billion', which indicate the most important message.

Textual Features:  The words ‘a billion’ are of different colours, emphasising that the posters movement is supposed to affect a lot of people.

This poster is convinced people to donate money to their organisation to help fund children's’ education so they can be educated.

Audience: People who have enough money to donate (mostly everyone)

Context: Our children are our next generation and will be our future so we should help educate them to have a successful future living a life worthwhile to live in having a job to earn money to be able to sustain.

Culture: Children in poor countries or from not well-to-do families do not have enough money to support their education. Thus we need to help donate to help these children get educated.

Visual text analysis

Image result for do the mozzie wipeout
Source :
This image is about fighting dengue. There is a circle, with the words "do the mozzie wipeout; Our Lives. Our fight" written inside.
At the bottom, the five steps are illustrated.

The 5 elements
Linguistic features: "Do the Mozzie Wipeout" is emphasised to make the poster's point more obvious. "Our lives; Our fight" is also included to persuade citizens to fight dengue.

Textual features: There is very few text to make it easy to read. The lack of text also makes the point clearer.

Layout:  The pictures are well arranged and easy to see. The empty spaces also make the poster look balanced.

Colour: the orange and black create contrast and make the poster stand out.

Purpose: To encourage people to do their part in fighting dengue. the lack of wording makes the reader think abt the topics.

Audience: All Singaporeans

Context: Reminding citizens to fight dengue. The pictures illustrate the steps.

Culture: Doing the mozzie wipeout is very common in Singapore, and is often neglected.

Conclusion: we have to do the 5-step Mozzie wipeout more often.