Thursday, 6 April 2017

Language Arts Visual Text Poster

Image: This picture shows a woman dragging a bag in the airport made of exotic animal skin or fur, which then stains the floor with blood. I think the setting must have been an airport because the bags made of animal fur were commonly used for travelling. 

Linguistic Features: There are no important or bolded Linguistic Features here. The only words that somewhat describe the poster are, "Don't buy exotic animal souvenirs". This sentence explains that buying exotic animal souvenirs puts the animal in danger and causes it to face a lot of pain.

Textual Features: As I had mentioned previously about the sentence at the far end of the poster, there is also one more icon that represents, "WWF" organisation. This organisation should have brought up this message to raise awareness of the benefits of not buying animal souvenirs. 

Typographical: The poster focuses more on the woman and the suitcase made of the animal fur but not on the words. The words are located at the far right below the edge of the poster to divert the audience's attention towards the picture but not the words. 

Layout: The picture occupies almost 95% of the space in the poster and the words take up the remaining space. The elements are neatly organised and are not messy to distract the audience's attention. 

Colour: The colour of the blood is bright red to capture the audience's attention. The words are in white to bring the audience's attention to the words after looking at the picture. The colours are neat and suit according to the situation and setting. No other colour is distracting the attention except the red colour of the blood. 


Purpose: To raise awareness among people and alert them to the dangers the animals face when they are killed to make such souvenirs that people use. So to change people for the better and make them not support these products.

Audience: General public who are interested in buying these souvenirs. 

Context: Many animals are killed that may lead to extinction. So, this organisation would like to put a stop to it by alerting people. 

Culture: Many people do not realise the dire consequences that animals have to face when they buy and support the business of these souvenirs. 

From this poster, the organisation is trying to build up a form of fear inside the audience by showing the blood. This may alert the people about the danger and they may stop using those products. 

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