Wednesday, 12 April 2017

LA poster

Description: There are two pencils, tips touching each other, forming the shape of a heart. The poster also includes the words ‘thanks a billion’ in it, being the main phrase as it is being bolded.

Linguistic features: The words that stand out from all the other words are ‘thanks a billion', which indicate the most important message.

Textual Features:  The words ‘a billion’ are of different colours, emphasising that the posters movement is supposed to affect a lot of people.

This poster is convinced people to donate money to their organisation to help fund children's’ education so they can be educated.

Audience: People who have enough money to donate (mostly everyone)

Context: Our children are our next generation and will be our future so we should help educate them to have a successful future living a life worthwhile to live in having a job to earn money to be able to sustain.

Culture: Children in poor countries or from not well-to-do families do not have enough money to support their education. Thus we need to help donate to help these children get educated.

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