Thursday, 6 April 2017

Online Poster (Visual Texts)

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Image: The picture shows a dove (symbol of peace) moving the letter 'A' from 'W_R' to 'PE_CE'. It wants to show that war can become peace if the right actions were made.

5 Elements
Linguistic Features: There were only two words used, 'WAR' and 'PEACE'. This emphasises the point about how war can be changed to peace with the right decision.
Texture Features: There is one short sentence that writes 'United Nations: Translating War into Peace'. It is trying to state that United Nations can prevent war.
Typographical: The font size of the keywords are the largest and all capitalised. This attracts attention to them. The capitalised 'A' is in a different colour from 'W_R' and 'PE_CE' to show the difference that can be made — Switching from war to a peaceful place.
Layout: The word 'W_R' is at the bottom, and could symbolise that war is not as good as peace, as 'PE_CE' is situated at the top right-hand corner of the poster. The dove with the letter 'A' takes up about two-thirds of the whole picture and is at the centre of attraction. It indicates the movement of the letter 'A' from 'W_R' to 'PE_CE' and how that difference can be made by the United Nations.
Colours: There are only 4 colours used in this poster — black, white, blue and orange. These are complementary colours and attract each colour to the other (black and white, blue and orange). The contrast of black and white amongst other colours also bring more attention and focus on the words and images.

Purpose: The purpose of this text is to bring across the message that the United Nations translate/change war into peace and encourage us to do so in our own little ways.
Audience: National Leaders and those who are trying to bring about war.
Context: War between nations happen every now and then, such as border disputes. The United Nations want the decision makers to think twice before calling for war, instead of talking about the incident peacefully.
Culture: Nations may be pressurised by the society to take action and fight back when threatened. The United Nations. The pressure causes the officials in the country to do what the people want to keep their roles and do not think much of the consequences.

Wars that had begun can be switched over to a peaceful relationship.
This poster wants to encourage peaceful relationships between countries and nations worldwide.

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