Thursday, 6 April 2017

Poster - Joshua Foo

5 Elements

Image: There is a Stop Sign in very prominent Red at the very top left of the poster, besides the word 'AIDS' written in block letters. Skulls are placed in between the spaces of the letters A, I, D and S. A big cross can be seen in the background of the poster, followed by the 'NO!' in caps and bold at the bottom of the poster. It looks like the words ' JUST SAY' is also part of the entire message. A Teenage girl is also spotted in the middle of the poster, holding a cigar. The colours are very contrasting.

Linguistic Features: The main word of the poster is the word 'AIDS'. The word is very big and is the most prominent and obvious one. Beside it, there is a stop sign. The ways to prevent AIDS is then stated below in numbers. There is also the words, 'Just Say NO!' to encourage people to help stop the spread of AIDS.

Textual Features: There are many calls to action words on the poster. Such examples are 'AIDS is on the march, help stop it!' and 'Talk about AIDS with your wife, husband, child and friend.' 

The ways of how to stop AIDS are all listed there, in very 'exclaimed' ways. E.g. - instead of writing, 'Choose only one husband and wife. Don't marry more than one. Be Loyal.' They wrote, 'Stop Casual Sex! Choose one partner for life.'

Typographical Features: The first words that people most likely see would be 'Stop AIDS'. It is at the top and has the biggest font size, as compared to other words or letters. The ways to prevent Casual Sex would have the smallest font size as compared to the other words or letters.

Layout: The pun, '5 Aids to survival' and the main title is all at the top, while the ways to prevent AIDS, and other calls to actions are at the bottom.

Colour: The contrast of the poster is good, and the colours are attractive. (E.G. - The words stop AIDS are brightly coloured and will catch people's attention.


Purpose: The purpose of the poster is to encourage people to stop and abstain from casual sex and to prevent them or others from contracting AIDS.

Audience: Anyone who is getting married or already married / teenagers who are about 18 to 20 years old.

Context: People contracting with AIDS

Culture: Most people do not want AIDS as this will cause them to be very vulnerable to other viruses

Adapted From: Google Images.

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