Saturday, 8 April 2017

Poster (Visual Text)

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The picture shows an hour glass. On the upper part of the hour glass, it shows icebergs melting away, and below it shows the water from the melting iceberg is covering up the earth. There are also words, saying 'We are Running out of time, act now before it's too late".

Linguistic Features
In this poster, there isn't any bolded words or highlighted words. The only words "We are running out of time, act now before it's too late." These words are to explain the picture, so the meaning of the message is more clear.

Textual Features
The two phrases "We are Running out of time" and "act now before it's too late" is in two different colours, so it is more contrasting to the background of the words. There are no underlined words as there are not many words and it is not necessary to underline or bold it.

Linguistic Features
Both of the phrases are of equal sizes, as they are equally important and it is continual of the sentence.

The hourglass is very big, catching the viewers' attention. The pictures of the melting iceberg and earth are clear and it takes up about a quarter of the poster each.

The colours used is eye-catching, and can easily differentiate the images.


The purpose of the poster is to stop deforestation as earth is getting warmer due to we humans cutting down trees and replacing them with buildings. And with the temperature gets warmer, ice caps start to melt, causing the sea level to rise.

The target audience is people who buy paper, and people who build buildings.

If global warming continues, soon, our world be covered entirely by water, and there will be no more land space for we humans, and animals to live on.

People often cut down trees to build cities, or maybe to have land space for agricultural purposes, or maybe just for paper. And a lot of time these paper is wasted, and if all these paper were not wasted, we could have saved many more trees.

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