Friday, 7 April 2017

Visual Text by Yi Hui

5 elements:

-Linguistic features
The main picture of the poster is the knife and the carrot. Clearly, it is trying to show that its knife is very sharp, and can cut through 3 carrots at once.

-Textual features
There are only a few words in the poster itself. The word "RONDA" is the brand of the knife. The words "Extremely Sharp" is shown to tell others that the knife is very sharp, and that is proved by showing a picture on top.

-Typographical features
The word "RONDA" is bold to emphasise that it is the brand of the knife. It is also bold so that it is the first word that people would see when they first look at the poster. Also, the words extremely sharp are not that big as they want the viewers to tell that through the picture first instead of the words.

-Layout features
The design of the image is simple yet beautiful. It just shows a knife cutting through 3 carrots. Also, it's brand "RONDA" is shown at the right side of the knife handle, and at the bottom of the "RONDA" logo it shows another knife and two words "Extremely Sharp".

-Colour features
The designer of the poster made the carrots brighter so that it looks nicer on the poster. Also, the colours used for the knife is simple as it just has a black handle and a silver blade.


Purpose: To advertise their knives, and letting the public know that their knives are very sharp.

Audience: People who do cooking.

Context: RONDA knives

Culture: People should try RONDA knives.

By Yi Hui


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