Saturday, 8 April 2017

Visual Imagery by Victor Oo 25 S1-05

Image: The poster shows a picture of a thumbprint. Everyone has a different thumbprint.So the thumbprint tells us everyone is different and cannot have the same thumbprint, and do not try to be others, be yourself.

Linguistic Features: The words in the poster is not bolded.The quote is"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"The sentence tells us to be ourselves and not follow others, as everyone is different and no two person has the same personalities.

Textual Features: There is cloud message on the top left side of the poster.It shows a person's name.It probably meant the quote that I talked about earlier was said by him.

Typographical: The quote below the thumbprint is in a very curvy font to make look more handwritten by a person as it was said by a person.It makes the quote look more original and meaningful.

Layout: The thumbprint is located in the middle of the poster and large in size to make it more significant. There are words below to show that the quote and the thumbprint are linked as if the quote is not near the thumbprint, readers would require more time to understand the poster.

Colour: There are very fewer colours on the poster as it is not meant to be cheerful or exciting. The colours are very dull.The only colours are red, black and grey.


Purpose: To tell people that it is okay to yourself as everyone is different, and no two people are the same.

Audience: Anyone  who feel other people are better than them

Context: Many people in world never succeed as they think they are bad when others are better than them in a certain way

Culture: Many people think that there a bad because better than them, and try to follow other people actions.

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