Thursday, 6 April 2017

Visual Imagery Poster by Jonathan Liew


Image: On the top, there is a half of a nuke and half of a pencil connected. Under that, there is a half a missile and half a microphone attached. Second, from the last, there is half a grenade and half a man, holding his hand up to his mouth, trying to yell something connected. Finally, there is a half a magnum connected with a half a loudspeaker. There is also a small phrase in each of the connections which read "Words kill wars."

Linguistic features: Even though all the words on the poster are small and the poster is mainly pictures, but that little phrase carries a lot of weight. "Words kill wars" mean that words either spoken or written. 

Texture features: There is one most underlying message which is to stop wars as there is only one phrase in the whole poster, "Words kill wars." Especially since the person who made the poster is a peace cooperation.

Typography: There is only one phrase with a simple font as it keeps the poster simple, especially with all the pictures, combining.

Layout: The layout can be swapped in any way like if the first image was swapped to the bottom and the last picture u=is swapped to the top, there is no difference.

Colour: The background colours are very contrasting and is appealing to the eyes as it is quite mellow and not bright.


Purpose: The poster is trying to tell us to step up and not let wars happen again by talking some sense into people either but saying it to the public. For instance, by writing a book as the microphone makes what a person is saying louder and the person who is putting his hand beside his mouth is trying to yell to convey a message. Also, the loudspeaker makes what the person says into the loudspeaker louder and clearer for everyone to hear. Lastly, the pencil is trying to tell us that writing to convey a message can also prevent wars. Besides all those images, there are some combat weapons like a magnum, a grenade, a missile and most of all, A NUKE. All these war weapons can cause devastation like how a war is like. So if we combine these to things, they all support the phrase "Words kill wars."

Audience: The audience can be a teenager who looks for world peace or working adults who can write a message to convey world peace or just motivational speakers, but everyone could actually do this.

Context: People who look to promote world peace like the person who made the poster

Culture: Any person, any race, everyone can start to promote world peace even ordinary people like you and me.

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