Sunday, 9 April 2017

Visual Text Analysis by Cheng Lui Leng

Image result for poster about cigarette smoking


Image: On the left side of the image, there are numbers in descending order from top to bottom. In the middle of the image there is a large cigarette that is lit. Its size gives it emphasis. To its right, there are 5 words, “how long can you live?”.

The 5 elements

Linguistic features: The words “how long can you live?” is meant to make a big impact on the audience. It is a very powerful phrase, as it questions life and death. This stimulates fear and therefore is hard to forget. It is meant to make the audience, especially smokers, uncomfortable.

Textural features: The text is simple looking, and the space between each letter is little, letting the audience’s minds absorb the words and its message quickly.

Typographical features: The words get bigger as the phrase descends, and as the cigarette gets shorter, depicting that the question becomes more evident as one smokes more and more.

Layout: The cigarette is the largest thing in the image and it is right in the middle, so it will be the first thing the audience sees when they look at the image. This allows them to know that the poster is about smoking. Their eyes will lead them to the right naturally, and the words “how long will you live?” will capture their attention and get them interested in the poster. The numbers at the left are descending as the cigarette gets shorter and it shows that the more you smoke the younger you die.

Colour: The background is white and the words / numbers are black, so they are easy to read. The only thing that is not black and white are the sponsors and the cigarette, giving attention to them.


Purpose: The purpose is to inform the audience how smoking will affect the length of one’s life.

Audience: Smokers, potential smokers and people related to smokers.

Context: Smoking is harmful and will affect one’s life. Thus it must be discouraged and reduced.

Culture: Many people smoke for pain relief, or to look cool without knowing its harmful effects.

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