Sunday, 9 April 2017

Visual Text Analysis By Ryan Tan

Image: The image shows the words global warming which looks like greenery with animals standing on top sinking into the ocean. There is also the phrase 'Global Warming is upon us Act before it is too late.'

Linguistic Features: In this poster, the words are Global Warming is upon us Act before it is too late.'
This means that global warming is real and it is going to be severe if we do not act.

Textual Features: There is a big text saying global warming showing that global warming is an enormous and grave matter.

Typographical: The global warming word is in the texture of dirt and nature with animals on top showing that global warming will cause the earth to sink.

Purpose: To inform the audience that global warming is a serious matter and the importance to act

Audience: The general public

Context: Global warming is very dangerous and needs to be stopped

Culture: Many do not know or forget the severeness of global warming and do not act

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