Friday, 14 April 2017

Visual Text Analysis by Sean Tang 20 S105

Visual Text Analysis

This poster is about avoiding to loan money from loan sharks. There are a hand and words that say "Don't let Ah Longs(Loan Sharks) control you." and its Chinese translation.

Linguistic Features:
 "Don't let Ah Longs(Loan Sharks) control you" is emphasised to make the point of the poster more obvious. The poster shows that the hand is controlling you like a wooden puppet, and it matches the text and there is more emphasis on the text.

Textual Features: There is only one sentence so it makes the text looks simple. The lack of text also makes the point clearer and understandable.

Layout: The images are well arranged such that the hand is big and it looks like it is controlling the small house unit below it.

Colour: The background is black and the words are white in colour so there is a contrast and it makes the text more obvious. The hand is also clearer to see and it shows that the Loan Sharks are controlling you from the dark and you would not know if they are controlling you.


Purpose: The purpose is to encourage people not to loan money from the Loan Sharks.
Audience: People living in Singapore.
Context: To encourage people not to get involved with the Loan Sharks and the poster illustrates how they are using you for their benefits.
Culture: There are more people borrowing from the Loan Sharks and more people are getting hurt by them.


Avoid borrowing from Loan Sharks.

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