Sunday, 9 April 2017

Visual Text Analysis-Nischita

Image:The image shows a boy whose eyes are puffed out to show that he has been crying for a while.He is being strangled by a hand made of hurtful words.From this,I can infer that the words being said to him have trembled his emotional barrier and are as painful as being strangled .His eyes are at an angle looking up showing that a person older than him is rebuking him.That person could be his one of his parents.The picture shows that we have to be careful of the words the we use as those words have power stronger than a mere strangle and could cause the victim of emotional abuse to feel bad.Such words could weaken the bond of relationships too.There are two sentences in the poster.They emphasis on choosing our words carefully and wisely and to think twice before saying what we want to to the other person.

Linguistic features:There are only two sentences to emphasise that the words we use could have many consequences and effects showing that we have to choose our words carefully and meaningfully to not hurt the other party and to maintain the relationship with the other party.

Textual features:The words are capital and are trying to portray that we should choose our words carefully and meaningfully before saying it.In other words, it is trying express that we have to think twice before saying what we want to say.

Typographical features:The words are capitalised to emphasise the importance of thinking about the effects and consequences of the words that we say to the other person.

Layout:The hand and the crying child are placed carefully in the posters using the rule of thirds to make the poster look appealing and persuasive.

Colour:The two sentences are white in colour to contrast with the black words used to speak to the child.Since the dog which is white is the animal for peace, white is a good choice to express the [eace on what the sentence is trying to  explain.


  • Purpose:To inform parents and any person in general about how the words we use that are hurtful can hurt and affect our family and the other party we are speaking to.
  • Audience:Parents and anyone in general.
  • Context(Situation):What we say can affect others easily, especially people prone to emotional abuse such as children.Thus,we have to think twice before saying what we want to say to the other party.
  • Culture:People usually do not think about how what they are saying can affect the other person and will just blurt out what they want to say straightforwardly.
Conclusion:We have to chose what we want to say carefully and meaningfully as it can affect how the other party feels, especially children who are prone to emotional abuse.

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