Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Visual text analysis

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This image is about fighting dengue. There is a circle, with the words "do the mozzie wipeout; Our Lives. Our fight" written inside.
At the bottom, the five steps are illustrated.

The 5 elements
Linguistic features: "Do the Mozzie Wipeout" is emphasised to make the poster's point more obvious. "Our lives; Our fight" is also included to persuade citizens to fight dengue.

Textual features: There is very few text to make it easy to read. The lack of text also makes the point clearer.

Layout:  The pictures are well arranged and easy to see. The empty spaces also make the poster look balanced.

Colour: the orange and black create contrast and make the poster stand out.

Purpose: To encourage people to do their part in fighting dengue. the lack of wording makes the reader think abt the topics.

Audience: All Singaporeans

Context: Reminding citizens to fight dengue. The pictures illustrate the steps.

Culture: Doing the mozzie wipeout is very common in Singapore, and is often neglected.

Conclusion: we have to do the 5-step Mozzie wipeout more often.

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