Saturday, 15 April 2017

Visual Text Analysis

(a40) Poster #31- Drink and Drive Prevention Poster 
Image Description: In this picture, there is a cuff to tell the readers that if you drink and drive at the same time, you will wear a cuff. At the bottom of the picture, it shows you what you would wear if you drink and drive.

5 Elements
Linguistic Features: 'What to wear to drink and drive' emphasises that drinking while driving has 3 outcomes. The first outcome is not getting caught. The second outcome is fatal accidents. And the third outcome is the most common among all of them, getting caught and sent to jail.

Textual Features: There are few words but in a large font to catch a passerby's attention. The lack of words and large fonts usually attracts a person to read it

Layout: The words and image are positioned nicely. The image covers two-third of the poster to show the readers the outcome of drinking and driving.

Colour: The background of the poster is a blurred black and white colouration. Most likely a blurred image of a police car to show that the person is getting arrested for drink driving. 

Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to encourage people to not drink drive.
Audience: Everyone worldwide who drives.
Context: To stop people from drinking drive, to avoid accidents involving innocents people.
Culture: A lot of people drink drive. And this has to stop.

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