Friday, 7 April 2017

Visual Text Poster- Joel Lim Wen


Image: In the middle of the picture, there is a mosquito.It's sharp and long stylet , and its thin and long legs make it look very dangerous. On top of the mosquito, there are many mosquito larvae. The background seems to be water where the larva is residing. At the bottom of the poster, there are five small pictures, each of them is one of the five-step mozzie wipeouts. These five photographs show what we can do to prevent mosquitos from breeding in our neighborhood.

Linguistic Features: The main quote from the poster is "IF THEY BREED, YOU WILL BLEED". This quote explains that if we keep letting mosquitos have the opportunity to breed in our household, there will be more mosquitos which will suck more of our blood and possibly infect us with diseases. At the bottom of the poster, there is the call for action that is "STOP DENGUE. ACT NOW!". The words "ACT NOW!" shows the urgency for immediate action to stop the spread of dengue fever.

Textual Features: Both of the two quotes are in a bold format and are all in capital letters to get the attention of the viewer and to show that what they are trying to tell us is crucial.

Typographical features: The first quote is bigger than the second quote to divert the viewer's attention to the first quote.

Layout: The picture of the mosquito and the larva takes up most of the poster so that it will be the first thing the viewer will notice at first glance. After we are "scared" of that picture, our attention will be diverted to the five pictures at the bottom, showing what we can do to prevent the top picture from happening.

Colour: The mosquito has bright white and red colours contrasting with the dark shade of black to make it look very dangerous. The red background around the five pictures is to get the viewer's attention and to show the urgency to complete these five tasks.

Purpose: To raise awareness to stop the breeding of mosquitos in our neighborhood by doing the five-step mozzie wipeout.
Audience: Everyone, especially those who can do the five-step mozzie wipeout in their daily lives.
Context: The increasing number of mosquitoes breeding in Singapore which led to more cases of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes like dengue fever.
Culture: When stopping mosquitoes from breeding in our neighborhood starts to become a priority, most people will do the five-step mozzie wipeout.

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