Saturday, 8 April 2017

Visual Text

Description: This picture is Earth filled with many animals. There are also two hands holding the globe. There are also words, saying “The future of wildlife is in our hands”.
Linguistic Features: There are a few words which stands out and are bigger than the others. The words are: Wildlife in our hands. These words explain the picture and gives us a better understanding behind the message of the poster.

Textual Features: The words:wildlife,in our hands are of a brighter colour and bigger than the other words. This makes the phrases have contrast with the other phrases.

Layout: The globe is relatively big so as to attract people. It also does not hinder the white-coloured words. This makes the word stand out for the message to be conveyed.

Colour: The colours are contrasting so it makes the poster eye-catching and easy for people to read.


Purpose: This poster is about saving wildlife on Earth. If the population of wildlife depletes, the ecology system would be affected. This would lead to a food shortage.

Audience: Everyone(especially poachers)

Context: If no one tries to prevent poaching of endangered animals, it would cause a major disruption in the ecosystem.

Culture: People in different countries have different culture. Some countries poach endangered animals for their outer covering or ivory. These would then be sold to us and the wildlife population would deplete quickly. The people who are “motivating” these poachers are us.

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